Digital briefing with a human touch

Digital briefing with a human touch 

In a world of fake news, duplicitous algorithms and time-poor professionals - it pays to have the experts on your side.

Your organisation depends on corporate communications intelligence to mitigate risk and highlight opportunities - but how effective is your current solution?



Welcome to Unifeye, the latest addition to

the Dods Business Intelligence portfolio


It offers daily, weekly and monthly intelligence reports covering digital media,

designed by communications professionals for their peers in the field – tailored by detail level for board members and departments across the organisation

Our global team of always-on editors deliver contextualised insights curated from over 50 million

digital sources straight to your inbox – so you’re first to see media discussion around your brand.

How we help

Detect a signal through the noise

While keyword-monitoring platforms can be efficient tools for marketing and social media teams – corporate communications experts can only protect an organisation’s reputation by identifying the key insights.

What’s more, in navigating such a diverse digital media output, these platforms rely on vast amounts of internal resource.

At the heart of the Unifeye solution is a human touch. As its technology scales a never-ending digital media landscape, our experts ensure the relevancy of the insight to your organisation:

  • Succinct and relevant information without inaccuracies or white noise
  • Expert consultants qualify and curate insights before refining into clear, action-led reports


Grasp your immediate priorities

Off-the-mark, low-priority intelligence can mask the mission-critical information really affecting your organisation’s reputation:

  • At-a-glance Reputation Value Index (RVI), uniquely applied by an expert, ranks content by urgency and potential organisational impact
  • Curated, contextualised and broken down thematically by a consultant, not a computer
  • Judge external sentiment in a snapshot with our expert-verified numerical score

Improve operational efficiency

Timely, actionable reports help you put a value on intelligence – identifying opportunities, reducing risks and costs, and saving time:

  • Analysis on trends, patterns and topics supports contextualised expert content
  • Volume and platform analysis shows what’s driving the agenda and where conversations are taking place
  • Shed the burden of internal reporting

Never miss a beat – always on

With 24/7 consultants monitoring over 50 million global resources covering 70 languages – Unifeye stays on when you switch off:

  • Alerts for out-of-office issues so immediate action can be taken
  • Insight sources include all major social media channels, podcasts, reviews, blogs, news, discussion forums and classifieds
  • We scale up during busy periods so you won’t miss a thing

What our customers say

‘Aggregated and contextual executive summaries compiled by experienced multi-lingual editors

provide an invaluable layer of intelligent insight that cannot be matched by other solutions providers. ‘
‘What began as a trial within the communications team, is now a mission-critical service that is valued by

our entire global leadership team’.
External Affairs Manager

News and Insights

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